Elizabeth Sangalang- AP Art student


Describe your work ethic and how you practice?

I do a lot of sketches, and in AP Art we are assigned a lot of projects to help us practice.


Do you have any advice for other artists?

I would say to never give up, and always be yourself because it’s the best way to go and you will be successful.


Why do you love art?

Art speaks for me, and is my medium for speaking to the world.


What inspired you to become an artist?

I just started drawing, and found it was a lot of fun so i just kept doing it.


What is your favorite part about art?

I love doing portraits, because I can look at the world and translate it into art.You can take things piece by piece and slowly it will all come together to form something beautiful.


What is your favorite media of art?

I love watercolor.


Who is your favorite artist?

Chuck Close because he does very realistic pieces that are amazing.


Do you plan to continue your art in college?

Yes, I love art and want to continue to pursue it. I might want to minor in art, but it wouldn’t be my main focus in college.