This Day in History: March 5th


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The picture, which was famously engraved by Paul Revere, depicts the deadly volley fired by British Army soldiers.

Monday, March 5, 1770: The Boston Massacre, a key point in the run-up to the American revolution occurred. In total five Americans were killed in front of the Boston Custom House. Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, and the legendary Crispus Attucks were killed instantly from British musket fire. Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr who had been hit by ricochets, died two hours later and two weeks later respectively.

Sunday, March 5, 1933: The last free elections before the Second World War take place in Germany. From the outside it appeared that the Nazi Party had achieved a huge victory by winning approximately 44% of the vote. However, it had been a failure to Hitler who was unable to achieve the two thirds majority he wanted.

Thursday, March 5, 1953: Soviet leader Josef Stalin died following maintaining his position as Head of State of the Soviet Union for 29 years. He was succeeded by Georgy Malenkov who became the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Monday, March 5, 2013 (8:55 P.M. GMT): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies of respiratory illness in Caracas, Venezuela. He is succeeded by Vice President Nicolas Maduro.

Monday, March 5, 2013, (9:00 P.M. GMT): The Dow Jones Industrial Average surpasses its highest level prior to the 2007 Financial Crisis.