2006 Disney buys Pixar

Josh Elliott

On January 24th, 2006, the animation empire Disney purchased Pixar studios for $7.4 billion.

Pixar’s innovations and pioneering of 3d animation set a new standard for the industry, and Pixar’s previous films had won 19 academy awards including several best animated film awards. Disney had just begun experimenting in the 3d animation world, but couldn’t match the staggering success of Pixar.

The Disney-Pixar collaboration brought much success with their first collaborated film, Cars (2006) which grossed $244,082,982 in the box office. In 2007 Disney-Pixar released Ratatouille which became the third highest grossing Pixar film.

Walt Disney and Pixar studios still collaborate today, with their most recent film, Finding Dory (2016) becoming their most grossing film to date.