San Ramon Valley Student Recognition: Art Talent Across the District

Nick Livson, Staff Writer

With the large amount of students in public high schools, it’s often hard to give each student the recognition that they deserve. The SRVUSD Student Recognition Project is a chance to recognize hundreds of students in the San Ramon Valley school district and their unique talents.

Each student in the district has the ability to compete in any of the 25 available categories. Each of the categories showcases different arts that a student may want to showcase. Once entering one of the categories, student’s works are judged by professionals that have expertise in each of the specified categories.

The SRP was created and is supported by the SRV Business and Education Roundtable. The main purpose of the SRP is essentially to strengthen the relationship amongst students, educators, and the business people of this area. It also aims to promote and encourage academic excellence among students and to prepare them for 21st century business.

The great thing about the SRP is that there is a category that tailors to just about every student. Categories range anything from acting to web design and everything in between that is considered an art. Because of this variety, the SRP allows for a wide array of students to enter. Performers, artists, writers, and arts enthusiasts alike are able to display their talents to real world professionals that deal with these fields each and every day.

While trying to reach out to all sorts of students, the SRP has one universal mission which is to create partnerships between students and educators. The program helps encourage students to make practical applications applied from their curriculum to their daily lives. By encouraging the application of skills, knowledge, and critical thinking, the SRP aims to bolster academic confidence and build more self-esteem and responsibility in students.

Another benefit of entering the SRP is that if you win, this looks great on college applications and resumes. Placing in any of the offered categories shows that real world professionals believe that the quality of your work is equivalent to the quality of other professional’s works that they see every day on the job. On top of looking good on college applications and resumes, this is a great personal achievement that should be treated very highly.