Women’s soccer close to reaching their goal!


Chris Scott

Monte Vista Women’s Soccer took place first in the Tri Valley Classic Tournament in December. They beat San Ramon in penalty kicks in the championship game. This was the first time the women’s soccer team has ever won this tournament.

Varsity Womens Soccer is ranked first in EBAL and in the top 5 in the state and country!

With only a few league games left, the team continues to play consistently and at a high level.

Without a single loss in the season so far, the team is on their way to success.

“Not only does the team have a lot of talent, but we all play really well together,” Senior soccer player Dana Outcalt said. “We just mesh.”

The team’s rank varies depending on which ranking system is used, but they are definitely in the top 5. The ranking is based off of a points system and how other teams do. A win is worth more points than a tie, and can be worth more depending on who the other team is. Monte Vista only plays against teams from EBAL, but in pre-season they play two scrimmages and two games against teams outside of the league.

“This team is extremely talented, but so are all of the other teams in the area,” head coach Brett LeQuesne said. “What makes this team so good is that with their talent, they have a desire to outwork their opposition. They come to practice each day and they work hard. Individually and collectively, they strive to improve. They are committed to being better today than they were yesterday. And that had work shows up in what they achieve in games.”

The majority of the girls on the soccer team play on a Mustang soccer club team, but in different age groups. There were seven new girls on the team this year and growing their confidence on the field was important. The Monte Vista team has three coaches, Brett LeQuesne, Brad Blake and Chris Lum. The coaches’ main goal is for the girls to become familiar with their roles on the team.

“Brett is so encouraging, but means business,” Outcalt said. “He is hard on all of us, which makes us play better. Brad and Chris are nicer and compliment Brett’s coaching style and create an overall good atmosphere to play in.”

The highlight of the season for the girls so far was winning the Tri Valley tournament for the first time ever in December. However, there is always room for improvement.

“Even though we have been playing great, I think we could work on our communication as a team on the field,” Outcalt said. “When we do communicate well, we play a lot better. Also, playing consistently and with a high tempo will get us even farther.”

Juniors Mallory Hromatko and Lindsay Rood are the top scorers on the team, contributing to the over 40 goals scored this season by the team. Also adding to the total are the five seniors, Erin Donnelly, Hailey Balma, Remi White, Dana Outcalt and Alex Weltz.

“I can honestly say this is easily the hardest working team to come through the program,” LeQuesnse said. “They take all ownership in working hard and getting better.”

Their main goal for the season is to win EBAL, for the first time for Monte Vista in seven seasons, and go further in NCS by beating San Ramon at home!