See it through my lens

Gina Matteo, Op/Ed Editor

The 21st century is consumed with the fight for social rights and equality for all. People all over the world are uniting to stomp out stereotypes. The media tells you to “be proud of where you are from” and “don’t let the haters get you down.” This positive mentality has even spread to Monte Vista.

Students at Monte Vista know about equality and to recognize people for who they are. But most of the preconception that Monte Vista is a tolerant, supportive school comes from the influence of the administration and student government; it’s not a complete reflection of the student body.

Few students do not meet the default standards of living in the Danville “bubble”.  Ever since the sixth grade, I have struggled with my background. Feeling like an outsider for being an inter- transfer student (I reside in Concord)  has consumed my time here in Danville, making me question why this community seems so unaccepting.

Danville has represented an exclusive club, one I tried desperately to join, but never could. Remarks from fellow classmates about areas outside of this bubble only fueled my insecurities. I would, and still do, drive up to school thinking this isn’t real. This isn’t how life for other high schoolers really is. People in real life don’t talk about the new Nike Air Jordan’s they got for Christmas, or how they won’t drive a car that has more than 500 miles on it.

That isn’t life, and that isn’t how it works.

Now that my adulthood is creeping up, my stomach aches at the sight and sound of any college related topics. Students around me stress about their GPA not being high enough for a school admission, but all I can think about is, how will I be able to pay for school in the first place?

Having your parents tell you that you have to attend  DVC because they cannot pay for tuition is a knife in the gut. All of my hard work feels practically wasted.

This issue has made me somewhat jealous and upset. With our society becoming more equal by the day, I can’t understand why I can’t have a fair chance at school. I am just as worthy as anyone, so why do I get picked last?

My answer to this is that life isn’t fair; less than 1% of people are born into communities like Danville, and I have to pick myself up and walk forward, because walking back makes no sense.

And no, I cannot see through every Danville home and witness what really goes  on. Maybe Danville life is the same as mine; my senses tell me we are more alike than we are different, so instead of building a visage of artificial nonsense, let’s be raw and legit to one another.

Monte Vista needs to put down the wall of preconception. Stop being hypocritics, stop looking at people just for what they aren’t, and be happy. Real life is going to hit hard, and it’s definitely leaving a mark.