The sound of music


Derin Orito is performing at the benefit show for Hurricane Haiyan. Orito loves to support people however he can, especially with music.

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Few people, especially at the high school level, have the chance to join a recording company.

Monte Vista junior Derin Orito was signed on by Heart Beat Records to perform his own version of the single, Bring You Back, which is being released on iTunes on April 25th.

Heart Beat Records offered Orito the chance to make his dreams come true after he placed as a finalist in the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indiana.

Orito has been singing since he was two in front of his family and has never had any lessons. He also has been perfecting his skills at the piano and guitar which he has played for eight and two years respectively. Only having a year of lessons for the piano when he was eight, Orito has more or less taught himself everything he knows on both the piano and guitar.

On April 25th Orito’s single will be released for the public. The more people that support and buy the track, or better yet, the whole album, the more support Orito will gain to start his career as a recording artist.

A lot of time has gone into the production of this upcoming cover single, which involved completely altering it into a form unique to Orito.

“The original is very fast, very upbeat and that is not my style,” Orito said. “I wanted to change it up into my slow style; make it more emotional and be able to connect more with the audience.”

While it was a long process to change the song to suit him, Orito has no regrets about it and had fun with the whole process. He liked that it was just him and the producer working together to create the cover of the song.

Lots of editing went into the soundtrack to slow it down into a more emotional experience.  The track had to be slowed down to reach the feeling Orito wanted when he finally started recording.

“It’s a long creative process,” Orito shared. “You have to be inspired.”

Heart Beat Records is a Catholic/Christian recording studio based in Illinois. They are currently the number one United States Catholic/Christian recording company.