The Stampede

‘4×4’ pushed back

Raquel Montelindo, Feature Editor

February 28, 2019

The 4x4 schedule has been a controversial topic since it was first brought up at the end of 2018. On Jan. 31, Dr. Kevin Ahern, Monte Vista’s principal, posted an announcement concerning the schedule change. Earlier that week, Ahern and a group of teachers, staff, and students went to high school...

Importance of the arts

Jas Gill

May 15, 2015

  I firmly believe arts need to be given more credit for their importance to people. Arts reduce stress for students even though there’s still pressure. Yes, more stress is added, but it’s something the student enjoys, making them get a break throughout the day. Personally, I’ve always...

Journalism caught in Williams’ lie


March 26, 2015

The real victims of the Brian Williams scandal are journalists that work hard everyday to produce their work, which is quite concerning for student journalists, like those working on The Stampede staff. Brian Williams, who works for NBC, has been an extremely successful journalist and news anchor...

Distorted Perspectives

Gina Matteo, Editor-in-Chief

December 19, 2014

Our world today is filled with miracles, beauty like no other, and people reaching success in society simply with determination. Technology allows people to connect from all corners of the planet. No other generation has been able to understand one another so well. Yet, with mass communication and...

Transformation Tuesday: Advisory Addition

Erin Donnelly, Managing Editor

October 25, 2013

Upon the arrival of the new school year, advisory has been given a fresh, new face and is ready to play a key role in the development of students at Monte Vista. In contrast to last year, where it only occurred every other week, thirty-nine minute advisory periods will now take place after second...

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