Drama’s Dramatic New Dramaturgy


The Stampede was granted behind the scenes access to see the still under construction set of Infinite Black Suitcase. The set will feature a Lazy Susan, something never before seen in a Monte Vista play.

Monte Vista Drama has once again embarked on the task of putting on a play for all to see, with Infinite Black Suitcase. This follows MV Drama’s fall hit, Harvey which attracted large crowds each night it was performed.

The play, Infinite Black Suitcase will be held in the Al Gentile Theatre on February 27th & 28th as well as March 1st. The play will cost $7 for students and $10 for adults.

Infinite Black Suitcase is far different from the fall play Harvey. Infinite Black Suitcase is a much more serious performance that delves into the depths of people’s feelings and ideas. The actors will attempt to grip their audience with strong topics such as death, brotherhood, and grief.

Furthermore, unlike Harvey, Infinite Black Suitcase features a large ensemble cast. In order to give Infinite Black Suitcase a different appeal than Harvey by including some new faces, as well as giving larger parts to actors who had smaller parts in Harvey. This has also given a morale boost to some of Monte Vista’s thespians.

“I really only had a few lines in Harvey, but in this new play I really got a good part and I got to express myself,” sophomore Joseph Rufini said.

Infinite Black Suitcase will also feature new developments in set design. Play Production, or Play Pro, looks to mix things up with a new redesigned set that differs from Harvey. The production team is also looking to have even more seamless set changes than they had in Harvey.

“I think we did pretty well with Harvey, but there is always room for improvement in the production business,” sophomore Hunter Popovich said.

All in all, MV Drama is keeping a lot of the details of play a secret in order to create an even more interesting experience for the audience.

Once again it looks as if Monte Vista Drama is poised to once again put on a great performance for all to see.