Super Bowl commercials…not so super


A few Monte Vista students were expressive on Twitter with their thoughts about how poor the game and commercials were.

Many people gathered together across the United States to watch one of the most famous sports games to air on television, anticipating which team would win the trophy, and what the commercials would be like.

Not only were many people displeased with the performance of the players on the Broncos, but they were also unhappy with most of the ads that aired during the game.

The boring factor may have to do with the fact that most of companies all shared common themes including cute kids and animals, celebrities, and hashtags.

While Cheerios is known for its endearing commercials featuring adorable young kids, Doritos also brought its “A game” by featuring kids in a funny and uplifting way. The time machine and kid riding a dog like a horse commercials seemed to be a big hit with the audience and had people talking. Although the Doritos commercials were perceived as “good and funny” this year, it was nothing compared to the past few years of Doritos ads.

“The Dorito commercials have been much more humourous and elaborate in the past,” senior Marco Ruiz said. “I was disappointed in this year’s ads.”

Chevy tried its hand at the cute animal commercial by featuring a cow batchelor looking for some love, but was beat when the Budweiser commercial aired towards the end of the game. The combination of an adorable puppy and the classic clydesdale touched the hearts of everyone watching the game, or just the commercials.

“The commercials this year were weak,” senior Andrew Vawter said. “But the Budweiser puppy one melted my heart.”

Another commercial featuring a dog was for the Audi A3, which definitely caught peoples’ attention. The “doberhuahua” was disturbing enough to be hilarious, but it still scared the eyes of many viewers.

Besides the constant onslaught of cute kids and (and not so cute) animals, a celebrity seemed to appear in every other commercial. Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Franco, and Ellen Degeneres, the most popular celebrity appearances were Tim Tebow and David Beckham.

“The David Beckham commercial was definitely one of my favorites.” junior Abby Preiss said.

Not only was it pleasing to the eye, but the T-Mobile/Tebow collaboration was also humorous to viewers because of the way he made fun of himself. Using the #nocontract actually linked the product with the commercial.

T-Mobile wasn’t the only company to incorporate a hashtag in their commercial. Other companies such as Microsoft (#empowering), Budweiser (#SaluteAHero), Geico (#CheesesteakShuffle) and  Esurance (#EsuranceSave30) were all at the ends of commercials for people to tweet about after it aired.

The Esurance commercial sparked interest in viewers as well as anyone that has access to Twitter because of the 1.5 million dollar prize.

Other commercials that got a lot of action on Twitter were the provocative ones. Last year, everyone was shocked by the GoDaddy commercial showing a close up of a couple making out.

This year, companies stepped up their game and made their commercials even more provocative. Sodastream featuring a flirtatious Scarlett Johansson was just scraping the surface. Butterfinger directly promoted their product, and indirectly promoted threesomes. Oikos was another company that advertised in a sexual way. After the female star “cleaned up” John Stamos’ mouth, a drop of yogurt on his leg implied something more.

Although there were a few entertaining commercials, most were disappointing. Hopefully, next year’s ads will bring more laughs and be less of a let down.