Lucky number 6?


Chris Bortolon, Staff Writer

The iPhone has left a legacy of its own, from the original 2 all the way through the 5s, Apple has continued to remain on the cutting edge of technological development, but many are now asking, ‘what’s in store for the 6?’

Following the release of the 5s in the latter part of last year, many tech-savvy consumers are already looking ahead to the newest addition to the apple fleet. Traditionally, a new iPhone generation follows the release of an ‘s’ model, and top analysts indicate that this will once again be the case, with the iPhone 6 slated to be released in mid to late 2014.

While unconfirmed, inside sources from inside the Apple manufacturing outsourcers in China are indicating several new, features that will not only bring the iPhone up to par with its android competitors, but outperform them as well.

One of the biggest and possibly most highly requested advances comes in the form of a larger screen. While the iPhone 5 featured a slightly larger screen back in 2012, the overall size remained much smaller that other phones, such as the galaxy. Sources have indicated the strong likelihood that the iPhone 6 will in fact come with a 4.6-4.8 inch screen, with full 1080p resolution. While highly unconfirmed, rumors of a 5.7 inch ‘phablet’ could be in the making.

In addition to the increased screen size, it is also likely that the phone will be even thinner than its iPhone 5s predecessor.  Following previous iPhone release trends, the new phone will also feature a vamped-up processor and a possible new variant of the operating system.

The current 8 megapixel camera seems to be below industry standards, which prompted apple to re-design its casing and sapphire crystal lens, which should boost overall picture quality to over 11 megapixels.

In addition to the previous breakthrough with fingerprint sensors, recent patents could be pointing to eye tracking, allowing a user to navigate though the phone without even touching it.

Additional improvements could come in the form of a gesture home button and wireless iPhone charging.

Not everyone, however shares the enthusiasm of the prospective iPhone 6.

“The only thing that would make me buy the iphone 6, is if it ran Android,” senior Jack Thakar, president of the Android Club said.

As with the previous models, the release of the much anticipated iPhone 6 among Apple lovers promises to change the way we use and interact with our phones.

***Please note that data and images do not directly come from Apple, and therefore should not be considered to be a 100% accurate projection of the iPhone 6