Rioting at In n Out


In n Out, located in San Ramon, is usually quiet and unassuming.

On Friday January 17th Monte Vista and Cal High students flooded In n Out Burger and caused, not just a food fight, but a riot.

In n Out is a place where many go after games to get a bite to eat. During the football season, more than one food fight has occurred at In n Out due to the Cal/MV rivalry.

This recent Cal vs. MV basketball game Monte Vista brought in a win. After the game students rushed to the San Ramon In n Out, very close to Cal High, where the game was held. Students from both high schools filled the restaurant until In n Out was forced to shut its doors at maximum capacity.

After the closing of the doors was when things started to get rough. Kids tried to break through the doors by attempting to push them open and unlock them.

Soon after, the police showed up. Everyone anticipated a food fight so the police asked In n Out to stop serving food around 9:00pm in an effort to prevent a food fight from starting. At this point most kids had gone outside and by the outdoor tables.

It is unknown who started the fight. A video posted on Youtube by senior Matt Rood shows that two students from each school began arguing.

Milkshakes and french fries were thrown back and forth between the Cal and Monte Vista students. Cheerleaders, players, and students in spirit wear were targeted. Among these students rally chair, Sean Bloore, was there.

“I was outside waiting to go in when the mob of Cal High kids began yelling at the MV mob,” senior Sean Bloore said. “Once one Cal kid threw something it began a barrage of attack on us.”

By this time, more police were called in. They arrived with their sirens blaring but even  that seemed to do nothing.

Students continued to throw milkshakes and fries at each other as well as the cop cars. Police yelled and kids yelled back. It was unlike the usual food fights in which the authorities showed up and the students would leave.

Hundreds of students flooded the parking lot until the cops had to yell at everyone to get in their cars and go home. The crowds were extremely hard to control compared to the previous incidents.

Because In n Out has such a small parking lot, many kids parked across the street in a nearby parking lot. As a result of this, groups of kids were running across San Ramon Valley Blvd. Kids ran in front of the cars with no attempt to get to the crosswalk.

The police then had to form a line to direct cars out of the In n Out parking lot.

Once the students cleared, In n Out had to close early in order to clean up the mess inside and outside. There has been no confirmation as to how long In n Out maintained closed for the night, but it is rumored that they stayed closed until the next day.

“I think it was a very unfortunate event and that both schools could have handled the situation better,” Bloore said. “I did see on a few occasions people from our school using words of peace and not anger in an attempt to settle the dispute which I think shows that our school acted more maturely”.

Many students were surprised at how quickly this food fight turned intense. Both Monte Vista and Cal challenged the terms of a “fun rivalry”. Students agree that the Monte Vista San Ramon rivalry is less intense than the rivalry with Cal.

*All information in this story is student witness confirmed.