Getting a taste of the future

    One of Monte Vista’s newest course offerings is helping MV seniors achieve goals for their futures. Founded three years ago at Cal High, Monte Vista first offered iQuest last year as a senior class option. iQuest helps students find internships or jobs based on their career aspirations and still remains a mystery to many students .

    Combined with work experience, iQuest meets every Wednesday and works on skills such as building a resume and how to act during a job interview. The difference between work experience and iQuest can only be seen in the hours worked by students and the way in which students get their jobs.

    Class advisor Mrs. Hamilton has been in charge of both work experience and iQuest for many years now. She is passionate about the class and has many hopes for the future.

    “The difference is, with work experience you have a job and are paid to do that,” Hamilton said. “With iQuest the goal is to get students out there to explore an area they have a passion, in terms of volunteer work and internships.”

    Many students enjoy the freedoms of being able to leave school early and work. Being able to do this is viewed almost as getting a headstart on the future that is upon all high school seniors.

    “I like that it prepares us for careers and the future and teaches us skills about the real work world,” senior Paige Burroughs said.

    In addition to helping seniors begin achieving their goals for the future, iQuest also benefits the community. Many students help by volunteering and interning for various businesses and organizations.

    “It gives the students an opportunity to connect with the community and the gives the community the chance to give back to the students which has created a really great partnership,” Hamilton said. “We want to allow seniors the opportunity to go out there and find out what they’re excited and passionate about.”