Ender’s Game is out of this world

    Raised to fight in a war you know so little about, all you know and need to know is that you might be the commander and you can bring your world to victory.

    Ender Wicken in the critically acclaimed book and now newly made movie Ender’s Game, is faced with the challenge of having to complete combat school where he undergoes rigorous tests to see if he can bring earth to victory after nearly being brought to extinction fifty years before, by an unknown alien species.

    The movie was eye catching and had great visuals to capture the audiences attention. The audience was hooked from the very beginning. Even though the movie didn’t follow the book directly, such as changing Ender’s age from six in the book to around the age of 14 in the movie. The movie still did a great job at getting the message and story line of the book across to the audience.

    From the very beginning of the movie you are able to witness incredible computer graphics. While watching Ender get to tackle through obstacles given his way, you get the feeling that you are there with him and are able to experience what Ender’s going through. The wonderful use of graphics keeps you captivated throughout the film.

      At monte vista high school most freshmen are assigned to read the book Ender’s Game as part of the freshmen English curriculum. “I really liked the action and character development.” Freshmen Jared Buxton says. When regarding young boys going to war Buxton responded, “It’s different because they’re somewhat trained to be intelligent and ready to go to war.” the movie and book give a new twist on what the future may be like. So the question is: If you’re home planet is attacked will you be ready to fight?