Hungry for more

Attention: the 75th Hunger Games is fast approaching! The movie will first appear in theaters on November 22nd, who’s ready?

Excitement is building as students’ interests catch fire for the sequel to The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – prepares to go public in close to a month. The Hunger Games movie broke North American records during its first weekend by reeling in a whopping $155 million in the box office, knocking out the previous record holder Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

“I think I’m going to go to the midnight premiere,” senior Charlie Liao said.  “My feelings towards the Hunger Games movies are like my feelings towards the Harry Potter ones. I loved the books and the movies do a good job representing them.”

Not only was the timing of the first movie release close to perfect, but the general excitement and buzz over the book also contributed greatly to its success.

“I have very high expectations for the movie because the book was so good and so was the first movie, so I expect it to be amazing,” senior Sophie Bierne said.

With simple writing, charming characters, and a plotline that keeps the readers on their toes, Catching Fire has already generated more than enough buzz to hit the bullseye in theaters.

“I loved reading the books and I thought the first movie was well thought out so I’m excited to see what the director is going to do with Catching Fire,” Liao said.

If the suspenseful plotline and overarching themes of love, loyalty, and bravery aren’t enough to get you into theaters, at least you have the charismatic cast to look forward to. The majority of the characters in the Hunger Games series have bold personalities that are both unique and unpredictable.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the actors they’ve chosen to play each of the characters – especially Finnick!” Beirne said.

The Catching Fire premiere is sure to be bustling with teens and fans of the series who have been waiting a little over a year for the Quarter Quell. If you’re looking for a plot-twisting, attention-grabbing movie, this is the one to see! If you have yet to experience the Hunger Games drama, I advise you to check it out and learn how to stop, drop, and roll by November 22nd. May the odds be ever in your favor. Happy Hunger Games!