Fall sports memories

Tennis: Paige Burroughs

MV tennis was my first experience on a tennis team, and I will truly always remember it. We are together every single day, whether it’s practice or a match or a tournament over the weekend, during which we bond over food and many laughs. I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made through MV Tennis and the memories and records we set!


My favorite part about football was my sophomore year we were losing by two points with a minute and 30 seconds to go and we were around 20 and we had to drive 80 yards to score and we ended up kicking a field goal to score against San Ramon with 16 seconds to go.

Cheer and Pom: Kaitlin Liautund (cheer)

My favorite part about being a cheerleader is cheering on our football players at the games and making memories with my 23 best friends.

Waterpolo: Mimi Harris

The best part of being in a fall sport for all four years is meeting all the people who are on the team with you and also becoming better friends with the people you met freshman year.

Cross Country

Jake Auby –My favorite memory of playing a sport at Monte Vista was when we got lost turning a 9 mile run into a 13 mile run. It was hard at the time, but looking back we had a fun.

Erin Herting — I must say the best and most memorable part of being on MVXC all four years has been the fact that it is such a team driven sport and the bonding with fellow runners and teammates has been something I will never forget. One of the greatest memories was after 4 months of training for NCS with my team, we ran the hardest we ever had in the pouring rain and then the entire weekend after that we celebrated our season by watching movie marathons. I remember thinking it was crazy how we couldn’t comprehend being away from eachother after spending months working so hard for the same goal.

Volleyball: Jessy Ober

FAVORITE MEMORY “Beating Granada to knock them out of NCS two years ago.”   LOVED MOST “Becoming best friends with so many people in the program and being able to spend 2+ hours on the court every day with my second family.”