Hockey at MV: Introducing the new MV Hockey Club

     Monte Vista and its students are definitely no stranger to clubs. However, one you don’t hear about very often is the MV hockey club.

     The MV hockey club is a 15 person group of boys and girls that all love playing hockey. The MV hockey club was started by current junior Drew Phillips last year. It serves as a place where people with the same interest, in this case hockey, can hang out and play the sport that they all enjoy.

     “The best part about the club is that you get to play hockey with all your friends,” junior Tommy Miller said.

     Over the course of the several month season, the club plays 20 games. Every other Wednesday the club holds meetings at lunch and on Fridays and Saturdays the club goes and meets other local high schools at the Iceland rink in Dublin to play competitive ice hockey games.

     “When we play other schools we just play for fun but sometimes they can get pretty intense, ”Miller said. “Our game against San Ramon last year was pretty exciting because we ended up beating them by one point.”

     In order to join the club there really isn’t much you have to do. All you need to do is have an interest in hockey and some free time in your schedule. Another great thing about this club is that it’s filled with players of all skill levels. This makes the club a perfect place to not only play hockey but to get help and improve.

     “I play hockey outside of school also, so the club is great for getting in a little extra practice, ”Miller said. “I can also help out some of the less experienced players.”

     While hockey isn’t an official sport at Monte Vista, the MV hockey club serves as a great way to hang out with people who all love hockey.