Fall sports strive for the NCS title

 What is NCS? NCS is the North Coast Section, where the best teams in the area compete for the title of NCS Champion.

    Here at Monte Vista, we are very fortunate to have such talented athletes. The recent fall sports, women’s volleyball, tennis, and water polo have all placed either first or second in their EBAL leagues allowing them to participate for the NCS title.

    For NCS, teams do not get to automatically participate, they have to come out with high standings in their EBAL leagues. If highly ranked in EBAL, teams then progress to NCS games. During these NCS games, teams continually compete to knock out other top teams with each game leading to the finals.

   Women’s water polo is especially excited because they will most likely see San Ramon in their finals for NCS. Many women’s water polo players have overcome their nervousness and changed their attitudes to focus on the big picture: winning.

   “San Ramon has been our hardest opponent,” Junior Courtney Fahey said. “My favorite part about NCS is the challenge, we get to show all of the hard work we have put into the season in the last two weeks of it. We definitely have a chance of winning as long as we want it more and have more heart in it than them!”

   As we say here at Monte Vista “I believe that we will win”, a good luck to all fall sports competing for the NCS title!