Women’s volleyball: The climb to the top

    On September 9, 2013 Monte Vista’s women’s varsity volleyball team was ranked number one in the state for the first time in the past decade.

    As the season progresses the team’s current overall record is 24-4 and 6-2 in EBAL putting them second in league, behind the soon to be dethroned, San Ramon Valley wolves.

    MVVB is also the number one All- American academic team in the East Bay, with a 3.81 GPA in 2012 and a 3.82 GPA in 2013.

    The team’s hard work started right after school got out last year, with summer camps and a summer league that consisted of two weekly scrimmages. Two weeks before school started they had three hour practices, then another three hours helping coach the incoming freshman players. Now, since the beginning of school, there are three hour practices three days a week and games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    All of the players on the team have been working extremely hard to not only keep up with the physically demanding schedule, but also balance practice and games with regular school work.

     “We’re definitely always busy, but I’ve found a way to balance everything so it’s not stressful,” senior team captain Jessy Ober said.

    Last Tuesday, October 14th, the Mustangs had a showdown with the wolves at SRV and unfortunately could not pull out a win for the first round of league.

    However, the team is determined to show what it’s capable of in the second round of EBALs. It is easy to see that this team is far beyond determined and ready to work hard in order to achieve its goals.

    Last Thursday, October 17th, the Mustangs defeated the Granada Matadors at Granada in a quick 3 game match.

    “The team’s mindset has changed, we have to work harder,” Ober said.

    Although the team has already accomplished quite a bit, there is obviously no sign whatsoever that they are finished.

    “There is a target on our backs now and a lot of hate from the other teams,” head coach, JJ Utchen, said.

    The team has gone through a lot of challenges and sacrifices to get to where it is now.

   Having lost seven seniors last year and battling multiple injuries, this group of hard working athletes is determined more now than ever to finish the season on top.

    MVVB is motivated to dominate the second round of EBALs as they prepare to take on Cal High (October 22nd)  and Livermore (October 24th) both at home, this upcoming week.