Hospitality Management: A change for real world experience

     If you’re interested in working in the culinary world or looking for real world experience, then you may want to consider taking Hospitality Management.

     Chef Kelly Joe teaches Culinary Arts with the assistance of two Assistant Managers for each period who take Hospitality Management. Assistant Managers’ (or AMs’) job is to, as their title suggests, assist chef during class. Among other responsibilities, they call roll, grade tests, lead demonstrations, and assist students.

     Junior Mandi craft serves as an Assistant Manager during 1st period Culinary Arts 1.

     “I think I have gained a lot of confidence and social skills,” Craft said.

     This course is meant to train students in a management type environment. They have many responsibilities like that of a manager. They lead demos to show what or how to do things in the kitchen such as how to hold and use a knife properly. They also take care of seating assignments for the students, call roll, grade tests, and are responsible for the general education of the students.

     “I would recommend it,” Craft said.

     You can apply to join this class after you have taken at least 1 year of Culinary Arts and with Chef Kelly’s recommendation.

     “It is more like being chef’s assistant, I had to go through, three interviews,” Craft said.

     Hospitality Management is a course which one can learn skills for real world job situations. These skills would not only be useful in the culinary industry but can also carry over into any industry’s management position.