A Golden Year for Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge shows off her Golden Globe for best Actress in a Television series. This was Coolidge’s first Golden Globe.

Photo credits: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jennifer Coolidge shows off her Golden Globe for best Actress in a Television series. This was Coolidge’s first Golden Globe.

This years’ 80th Golden Globe Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and hosted by comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Many popular stars made appearances at the annual event. One in particular, however, stole the show. 

     Jennifer Coolidge, known for her work in “Legally Blonde,” “American Pie,” and most recently, “The White Lotus,” captured everyone’s attention. She arrived in a stunning, glittering black dress as both a presenter and nominee for the awards.

     Coolidge took the stage later that night to present the “Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series” award, and her speech had the audience laughing non-stop. She spoke of the anxiety she felt in accepting the invitation to present that night, and all of the possible ways in which she expected it could go wrong. 

     “There’s no way I’m gonna make it from behind the curtain, all the way to the podium, without breaking my skull.” Coolidge said.

     Her jokes about teleprompters and name pronunciation elicited laughter from the crowd, and were reminiscent of her most recent television character, Tanya McQuoid from “The White Lotus”. The character’s ditzy, unassuming personality and iconic lines like “These gays are trying to kill me!” quickly made her a fan favorite. But apart from the character, fans have fallen in love with Coolidge herself. 

     Although she has been acting for many years now, appearing in smaller roles in well known shows and films such as “2 Broke Girls” or “Legally Blonde”, the HBO hit drama series “The White Lotus” has made her the front and center of pop culture today. 

     As Coolidge took the stage to accept an award for best actress in a television series she 


     “it [her career] wasn’t going anywhere…there were these people who would give me these cute little jobs”, one of the people in particular being Mike White, the director of “The White Lotus”. 

     Coolidge is a natural comedian, but her speech that night was more heartfelt. She spoke of the changes in her life that “The White Lotus” had brought about, such as her neighbors speaking to her and being invited to more events. By the end of her speech she’d stolen everyone’s hearts, not just of those present at the awards, but of fans watching from home as well.

     With such a loveable personality and talent as an actress, it’s likely fans will see more of Coolidge soon. In the meantime, the star has joined the popular app TikTok and her first video is not only hilarious, but features another popular celebrity: Jennifer Lopez!