Monte Vista’s 2023 Musical is so Fetch!

There are many different contributing factors that help determine what musical Monte Vista Drama will hold each year. To make this choice, the drama officers have to take into account which musical will properly fit the cast and stage size. Together they decided on the 2023 Spring musical, and it is none other than Mean Girls, making Monte Vista the second high school to have the ability to produce Mean Girls ever because the rights to produce this musical was just released. 

Mean Girls is a coming of age story about a teenage girl named Cady Heron who attends high school in America for the first time ever after moving from Kenya. The musical follows Heron working her way up the extreme social hierarchy of teenage girls in public high school. This popular musical makes the drama drama officers hopeful that the show will sell out of tickets and seats will be full. 

Monte Vista’s production of Mean Girls includes students from different performing arts programs alongside the drama programs such as choir, band, and dance.

The set, lighting, props, and costumes will be provided by Monte Vista’s stagecrafts which are all student designed and created. Making both the sets and costumes takes hours from stagecrafts, and the students devote their weekends to working on the sets. 

“There are rehearsals everyday after school…they start after school and go until six PM. Then every Saturday everyone involved in the musical comes to build the set and create everything. We start at ten AM and spend the entire day until basically the school closes and alarms will go off if you try to open a door.” Said Monte Vista junior Kindley Park.

Seniors Jolie Cesio and Sam Funk are working together as directors, and junior Kinley Park is working to choreograph the musical where Park uses her skills previously acquired from the 2022 musical 9 to 5

“[As the choreographer] I have to figure out what numbers in the show need to be dance numbers and then create the choreography for that including the dancing, what the staging will look like, who will be in it, all of that,” Park said. 

The Spring 2023 musical will be showing in the Monte Visa theater from March 1st through the 4th. It won’t be like a normal musical, it will be a cool musical!