The new iPhones: everything you need to know

      Consumers all around the world gathered outside of Apple stores to be the first to get their hands on the new highly-anticipated iPhone 5S or 5C. Speculation on the products’ features had caused a lot of excitement so standards were high. Despite recent negativity after the latest iOS update, the new phones have proved a success.

     So what makes these new phones stand out from the rest? The two devices have been given individual, unique features to maximize performance, entertainment and efficiency.

     Apple has completely redesigned their look; instead of the generic black and white appearance, the iPhone 5C comes in a multitude of fun colors.

     “I love how the 5C now has colors; I have the yellow one because it stands out most. It makes the phone much more personalized,” senior Brianna Chew said, who prefers her 5C from her previous 4S iPhone.

      The 5S is more sophisticated in it’s gold, silver and grey colours. To prove just how elegant the 5S can go, there are sapphire crystals surrounding the home button and the camera.

      Not only is there a renovated design but now there are more features than ever. Apple has introduced the fingerprint scanner on the 5S which is designed to tighten security and improve the safety of your iPhone. Instead of using a password, which is still available, the phone scans and remembers your fingerprint thus becoming your  access key into your device- what’s next? eyeball scanning?

     “The fingerprint scanner is by far my favorite feature- it sounded stupid at first but it’s actually really useful,” senior Ryan Weiskirch said.

     In addition, both phones are equipped with rapid up to date processors which means no more delays or freezing. However the 5S is the faster of the two. The cameras have had a makeover as well: both phones enable photo editing without having to download additional apps, the resolution is crisper and there is HD video. Naturally, the 5S goes all out by including slow motion video shooting, shooting mode (10 pictures per second), and zoom during video, creating a brand new photographic experience. If that still isn’t enough for you, there are even free apps on the 5S such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers to enable you to create your own “Microsoft-like” word documents, powerpoints and spreadsheets.

    Although both phones are a step up from the iPhone 5, they have a significant difference in pricing; you get what you pay for. On a 2-year plan you can get a 16GB iPhone 5C for $99 and a 16GB iPhone 5S for $199.

   “Now that I have the 5S I know I wouldn’t be able to go back to any other type of phone. Apple has exceeded my expectations yet again,” Weiskirch said.