New Lunchtime Festivities: Carnivals

     Starting last year, Monte Vista has been introducing new lunchtime “carnivals” every so often to engage the student body.

     The purpose behind these carnivals is to bring together students of all grades to participate in many fun games and activities. Leadership, who puts on these events, wants to give everyone something to do and be happy about during lunch.

     The most recent carnival, on September 25, included all sorts of fun games and booths. Activities during the previous carnival included: a henna booth, cakewalk, jumpee obstacle course, and others. There were also various businesses promoting their products including Vitality Bowls, The Sweet Street, and Extreme Pizza.

     Freshman Jackson Winn notes that his favorite part of the carnival was the free pizza, whereas freshman Katherine Winn liked the henna booth the best. They both agreed that there should be more free stuff at the next one.

     Sophomore Annie Kunsman also mentions that there could be a few changes to the carnival.

     “It was fun I guess,” said Kunsman. “I didn’t really get to look around much though. Maybe next time it could be a little more organized and advertised better with more games and more food.”

     Due to the popularity and enjoyment of the carnivals, they will now occur more frequently than in the past.

     Senior Kevin Gallagher, a member of the leadership activities committee, comments on the success of the lunch carnivals.

     “We can expect another one soon,” leadership member, senior Kevin Gallagher said. “We haven’t planned the next one yet but it will be coming in the next month most likely.”