Will we ever find out what the fox really says?

    “Ringadingadingading” These lyrics became the tune stuck in everyone’s head the last few weeks whether they liked it or not.

    Norwegian brothers Vegard and Bard Yivisake produced a comical single that went viral in a matter of minutes. What started out as a joke turned out to be a catchy tune.

    These two brothers who previously had a talk show, came up with a silly prank to play on their record producer, Stargate.

    The producers they had been working with worked with stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and many more. They had asked the Norwegian brothers to come up with something great but instead they made up their “The Fox” song jokingly. What they thought was going to be a joke, became a great success.

     Even people who haven’t seen the video are quite familiar with the catchy lyrics. Many people are drawn to the strange video, which has over 120 million views.

    “The video is really hard to take seriously when you listen to the words,” junior Karen Lindow said. “The flash mob in the forest reminded me of Twilight and Harry Potter. I don’t understand how the song was made into an actual song, but it is lightweight and catchy.”

     With so many ways videos can be seen nowadays, it seem as if a catchy tune, funny saying, or obscene clip can lead to a short period of fame. Although “The Fox” song may be silly, it draws you in just as a regular song would. People instantly gravitated towards the weirdness of the video and fetching lyrics.

   Vegard and Bard have gotten many offers to do musical tours, performances, and record deals. People who strive to be stars, with excellent voices or the best acting skills may not be what is wanted any longer. Has entertainment changed? Is the public more likely to watch a funny weird video to get a laugh or see people’s true talents? It seems like they are.

   Who knows, your short skit or silly song could get you world wide recognition just like Vegard and Bard.