Zedd concert: bringing down the house

     The popularity of house music, a blend of techno and dubstep, has exploded in the last few months as more and more kids discover how exciting the concerts can be.

     One of the most popular house DJs is Anton Zaslavski, a Russian-German electronic music producer, better known by his stage name, Zedd. He has taken the techno scene by storm, rising to the top of the charts with his hit single “Clarity”.

     On Tuesday, October 8th, many students attended the Zedd: Moment of Clarity concert, at the Fox Theater in downtown Oakland.

     The fast paced music of Zedd appeals to teenagers, providing a catchy beat and songs that are easy to dance to.

     “Everyone comes together and dances the entire night, it’s a happy place with a good atmosphere,” senior Abi Gilson said.

     Zedd concerts, or any house music or dubstep genre concerts, are not, however, for the feint hearted. The music blasts at ear splitting volumes, and many students afterward complained of temporarily impaired hearing, and sore muscles from excessive fist pumping and jumping.

     “I was exhausted the next day, but happy knowing how many calories I burned jumping around and having a great time,” junior Abby Preiss said.

     The excessive noise volume, fast past dance music, and the all around crazy experience that is Zedd combines to make a night that will never be forgotten.


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