Close Quarters: Whose side is it anyway?

     With 13 teachers, but only 10 classrooms, the science department is still trying to figure out how to share classrooms this year.

    In room 902, AP Biology, taught by Ms. Nevis, AP Environmental Science and Integrated Physical Science, taught by Ms. Baskerville, share the same space just at different times of the day.

    “I really do not mind sharing a room, but it is something I am still getting used to,” Nevis said. “I do feel more stressed and rushed during the day than I have in previous years. If one of my classes is supposed to do a lab, I do not have time to set everything up before so it is a bit of a challenge.”

    There are portables in the parking lot by the pool where some science classes used to be taught, however they are to be removed soon, forcing all teachers back into the science building. Vice Principal Mr. Powell explained that the portables were rented during the various construction projects, such as the new library.

“The portables are expensive because we have to lease them, we don’t own them,” he said. “The district always planned on removing them after the construction was finished because there is no real need for them after the library is moved into the new Workday Student Center.”

    When teachers are on campus but do not have a class, or just have their prep period, they go to the prep room and work at their own desks.

    “I do not mind sharing  classroom, but there is a very limited amount of space,” Baskerville said. “I have to coordinate labs and set up with Ms. Nevis, which can be difficult with so many supplies around the room.”

    Under these sharing conditions, teachers cannot customize their own rooms and become familiar with the location of needed supplies.

    “It is just the moving around that is hard,” Nevis explains. “It is just difficult to shift materials around for each subject”.

    The conflicts that come with sharing a room are being experienced by teachers throughout the science building. However, they are slowly becoming accustomed to it and seeing the bright side.

    “Sharing a room has forced me to stay more organized, even though it may not look like it,” Nevis said. “I am just still getting used to the whole thing.”