Doordash During Class

One of the most popular food pickup services in Monte Vista is Doordash. It is a service where students can order food from any place near them, and have it delivered to the front office of the school.

     These students mostly prefer picking up food from an online service rather than eating the school cafeteria food for lunch. While students consider Doordash to be reliable and good, some of the teachers have a problem with it. One of these reasons is because they have had to deal with students leaving student support to pick up their Doordash. The staff at the front and attendance office also aren’t happy.

     “I’m not a big fan of it because it’s been a thing for a few years,” office manager Melissa Alcorn said.

     Nina Gellerman from the attendance office stated, “Teachers shouldn’t let students leave. They should always keep their students in class.”

     Other teachers have warned their students that they can’t leave student support, and that they must wait until lunch if they want to pick up their food.

     Another problem that arises with using Doordash is food getting stolen. Doordash often leaves food out in the open, and as a result, it can get taken easily. There are also times when students walk up to random cars to steal another person’s pickup.

     “Students should tell their deliverers to put their food somewhere, like on the counter near the attendance office. It can be delivered to the wrong person, and the student gets mad when they realize it’s been stolen. It’s just a big mess,” Melissa Alcorn said.

     Not only do students sometimes leave classes to pick up food, but students also resort to potentially unsafe methods of pickup.

     “Random students also go to random cars, it’s just not safe,” Angie Corritone said.

     These issues, though, may not be as severe as last time, the staff claims. When it comes to food pickup at Monte Vista, the past has seen worse. But this situation is bad enough, so teachers are trying to keep their students in class until the lunch bell rings.

     However, staff, including people at the office, are still trying to figure out more elaborate ways to prevent students from leaving classes before lunch. A few methods have included contacting teachers for any sketchy updates, rejecting students when trying to pick up their food, or making announcements that there was a person walking to the front office that looked suspicious, therefore telling students not to leave their classes unless they were otherwise given permission to.