Tireless teachers on campus


Sandra Isabell

Sandra Isabell is carrying the tireless teacher award. The award was presented by students in the leadership class.

    Monte Vista’s leadership class has recently started to give out awards to the “tireless teachers” on campus. To recognize the significantly hard working teachers, leadership chooses a few teachers per month to appreciate their work for helping the students and the school.

     Drama teacher Chris Connor is one of the teachers on campus that received the award this past month. 

    “As much as I’m a performer and have been that kind of stuff my whole life, I actually don’t take compliments or applause well, it makes me uncomfortable” Connor said. 

     Despite those reasons, Connor explains why he loves the idea of the award and how it makes him other teachers feel towards it. 

     “We [teachers at Monte Vista] don’t always feel like people see the things we do sometimes,” Connor said. “I do put in a lot of time for the student in the community, which I love and I choose to do, but it is always nice to say ‘hey we see that and we appreciate it.’”    

     Math teacher Wilson Pang, is another tireless teacher of the month winner, agrees with Connor as well as how much they appreciate the recognition.

     “I hope this is the start of one of the ways we can recognize teachers,” Pang said. “I hope moving forward we can have more tireless teacher awards.” 

     This award is a new addition to the Monte Vista campus and most teachers can agree that it is one that should last throughout the years.

     Spanish teacher Sandra Isabell has also received the new award. She is glad that there is recognition for the numerous extra hours she puts in for her students.

     “I was very touched, I love my students very much, and I feel very much appreciated,” Isabell said.

      Pang took this award by surprise and didn’t known that this award existed before he received it.

     “It is kind of surprising, I didn’t expect it [the tireless teacher award] because I didn’t know it existed till this year,” Pang said. “I felt appreciated, not just by the leadership class, but I think everyone recognizes how we all chip in long hours here just to get everything going for the students.”

     Pang also hopes that there will be new awards that leadership and the school could have to recognize more teachers and for their tasks outside of their classroom.

     “Teachers involved in activities… providing their time to take part in seeing what the students are doing … shows not just the school but the students that [a] teacher really cares about them,” Pang said. 

     Connor also mentions that with the large amount of teachers we have on campus, it is good to recognize most of them.

     “We have a hundred plus teachers here on campus and I know many of them put in countless hours to do things, so just the fact that 8 or 9 of us will get recognized per month is amazing,” Connor said.