Unexpected homecoming proposals leave students in uncomfortable situations

     Cringe: The first word that comes to mind as I watch horrifying homecoming proposals take place. 

     For many, excitement arises as homecoming rolls around. The exhilaration of dressing up, dancing with friends and after parties plaster smiles on everyone’s face. But what repulsive act leads up to this event?

     Every year, people are unexpectedly asked to homecoming by someone they were not hoping would. Flushed with embarrassment, they feel obligated to say yes. These people are taking into consideration the feelings of those asking them. What about who is taking account of how they feel?

     While it is one thing to ask someone in privacy, making the asking public has them in an awkward situation. Ultimately, feelings get hurt because after the person they asked says yes, they text them later in privacy saying, “I would rather go with friends” or “I already had previous plans.”

     Many people want to be asked to homecoming but don’t understand what the experience is like until they are in the predicament. 

     “I think it depends on where and how you do it; if it is publically in front of the whole school, it is obnoxious and you should not do it,” sophomore Justine Price said.

     What has been realized is although the asking can be extreme and stupid, it is more of a freshmen thing. That is unless you have someone you are with. Being new to the whole tradition they are so excited to go with dates and don’t realize until after, it is more fun to go with friends.

     “It’s normal for freshmen to ask other freshmen with posters, but once you’re in older grades, unless your dating, it’s weird to go to homecoming with people you don’t have relationships with,” sophomore Gabby Siedliski said.

    While their intentions are good, the actions do not always have the most positive outcomes. People need to think before making decisions that affect others and not only themselves. Ultimately it would be the smartest decision to even talk to their friends before making such a rash decision.

     “It’s lame; no surprise asks are allowed; you must talk to friends first,” sophomore Ella Damaschino said. 

     Homecoming can be one of the most fun experiences of high school, but it can also be easily 

ruined by poor planning and unwanted questions. I think it is crucial to make sure you have some sort of relationship with the person you are asking, otherwise just don’t do it. 

     It is embarrassing and unfair to be put in a position with someone you don’t want to go with and is unfair to ever be put in that situation. If you would like to ask someone to homecoming, it is ideal to do it in a more private setting rather than in a huge public asking in front of the whole school. 

     While I think a big poster ask being displayed in public for the whole school to see is cringy, embarrassing, and cheesy. Asking someone in a place and way they are comfortable with is cute and a great way to ask someone. Being sure the person you are asking wants to go with you is also an important key in making sure feelings don’t get hurt, and resulting in everyone’s happiness.