Celebrations Take a Turn for the Worse

     Make sure to keep your arms, legs, and all other body parts inside the haunted house at all times.

     Annually, Monte Vista puts on a haunted house for students, staff, families, and other members of the community.

     The amount of time and effort drama and leadership have put into this production is clear as you walk through the doors. Different sets and themes were incorporated throughout the house, each one individually decorated and placed with actors.

     The actors were able to give it a real life experience, they had make-up done to perfection. Students had blood dripping from their faces and gruesome cuts on their bodies. They used eyeshadow and white paint to add more deadly, piecing looks. It was full of special effects, lights, and jump scares. It was frightening and unexpected every time.

     Reactions were clearly easy to get, as when walking through every other second you would hear another scream. The scariest part was easily when you turned the corner to see “dead” people in shopping carts who at a random time pop up and scare you.

     As we entered the haunted house, a guide lead us through the dark hallway to start the tour. We entered the first room and were greeted with a jump scare.

    At some parts it was quite confusing and messed with your head. One room acted as if it was a hypnotizing room with strobe lights and streamers making it difficult to make anything out.

     When walking through it became noticeable that each room had a different theme to it. Each room was a separate holiday or day of celebration with a scary touch. One of the rooms was decorated with Christmas lights and presents.

     When turning around corners everyone was sure to be careful and prepared, it wasn’t much of a help to the unexpected scares and noises causing you to scream. Each students contributed greatly. They timed their jump-scares to perfection and did all the could to get the best reactions from anyone walking through. 

     In total it was about a five minute walk through, with screams echoing the whole time. The drama class brought out actors you would see in horror movies: creepy dolls, zombies, dead people, psychos, and more. The creepy dolls were wearing dresses with pigtails. There were blood stains on their faces and clothes. The zombies had very realistic makeup as well. Their faces were covered with white, green and black face paint that leaves a lifeless appearance. There were also students acting like dead people with their bodies covered in blood. Much like the psychos hovering over them with blood splattered on their white shirts and knives they created a frightening atmosphere for the public.

     The actors never broke their character, and worked very hard to put on this production and it paid off. The haunted house was everything it should be; scary, thrilling, and exciting. It was a wonderful yet horrifying experience and we were impressed by how well students at our age were able to put on a show so impressive,terrifying and realistic. . If we hadn’t known any better you would expect it to be a professional haunted house.