Danville may be home a new skatepark

    In only two years, a skatepark has become the top request for parks and recreation in Danville, as there are skateparks currently located in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and Dublin.

     The idea was brought up in 2017, and the town recently revisited the idea. Although the skatepark has been the top interest for parks and recreation in Danville, many measures must be taken before that. 

     There are three main locations in consideration for the skatepark: Sycamore Valley Park, Diablo Vista Park and Osage Park.

     Newell Arnerich, a member of the Danville town council, was part of the discussion in building the skatepark.

     “There are hundreds of different criterion that the skatepark must satisfy in order for us to make the decision to build the park,” Arnerich said. “Every aspect must be achieved to the best of its ability.” 

     The cost, another point of concern, ranges from $900,000 to $1.5 million. The budget is accumulated through saving.

     “Once we finalize our decision, we figure out the cost and start saving money,” Arnerich said. “Money could take us from three to eight years to save up.”  

     Arnerich also noted that maintenance could ultimately cost more than construction.

     Despite the fact that some people have negative connotations towards skateparks the Town of Danville is devoted to keeping the parks as environmentally friendly and aesthetic as possible.

     When word first got out about a possible skatepark in Danville, skaters all across Danville paid close attention. AJ Morelan, a scooter stunt artist, is one of them.

     “I typically spend three to four hours on the weekend at the skatepark filming my stunts, and I spend the week editing the video,” Morelan said.

     Morelan and other skaters in Danville typically go to the San Ramon skatepark, but a new skatepark in Danville would be more convenient for them.

     “It takes me about 15 minutes to drive to the San Ramon Skatepark,” he said. “ A new skatepark in Danville would save me a lot of time.”

     Morelan also noted a popular point of interest in a new skatepark.

     “At some point, the same stuff gets boring at the park,” Morelan said. “It would be great, because it would present new stunt ideas.”

     As the interests of many youth steer toward skating, the town of Danville is beginning to garner support for their interests.