A complete guide to the songs “that beat the block” in 2009

    It’s been a decade since the iconic year of 2009. Are these songs and artists a thing of the past? Are they still relevant ten years later?

    According to Billboard’s Hot 100 List, the top three songs of 2009 are as mentioned.

    The number one slot was taken by the Black Eyed Peas with “Boom Boom Pow”. This song was the most popular song in the U.S after being at the top 100 for 12 weeks – the longest time a song was at the top of the list in the entire year.

    Lady Gaga takes numbers two and three respectively with “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”. Gaga’s album, The Fame Monster, was her first time in the spotlight of the music industry.

    Justin Myers’ November 2018 Official Charts article, “Lady Gaga’s The Fame at 10”, discusses how Gaga made a huge “breakthrough that widened her audience beyond pop fans”.

    While being number two on Billboard’s Top 100 list in 2009, “Poker Face” also became one of Gaga’s many claims to fame.

    “Poker Face…was Gaga’s first million-seller, crossing the milestone in September 2010,” Myers wrote. “It’s her biggest selling song in the UK, and the most downloaded and streamed of The Fame – 1.17 million downloads, and 21.4 million plays.”

    In 2009, Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” topped Billboard’s most played radio chart, while the runner up was another one of her hits, “You Belong with Me”. Both songs were off her hit album, Fearless, which sold 3.2 million copies; making it the most purchased album in 2009.

    Todd Martens, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, wrote “Overall music sales hit an all-time high in 2009; Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ is the year’s top-selling album”, an article discussing music sales in 2009.

    “On the airplay front, Swift’s “You Belong to Me” and “Love Story” were the two most-played songs of 2009, according to Nielsen BDS,” Martens wrote. ‘“You Belong to Me” was also the most streamed song over the Internet, accruing more than 10 million listenings.”

   Swift and Gaga are still a prevalent part of the music scene today. Gaga, along with Bradley Cooper had the smash hit “Shallow”, from the hit movie A Star is Born. “Shallow”  won the Golden Globe for Best Song – Motion Picture, as stated on IMDb’s website.

    Even though theses songs came out a decade ago, some are still incredibly well know today.

    “I listened to two of those songs today,” junior Sydney Guastucci said. “They [make me] nostalgic and remind me of being little and rocking out to Taylor Swift.”