Back to the 80’s


Brandy Melville

80’s trends such as scrunchies, mom jeans and denim jackets are extremely popular within teen girls. This photo was taken for Brandy Melville, a popular store that caters to many teens who enjoy wearing those trends.

Adya Agarwal, Staff Writer

    Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, the song Don’t Stop Believing80’s trends seem to be taking over the nation without any sign of stopping.

    The 80’s were considered an era of tacky jewlery, jumpy aerobics videos, and large shoulder pads. However, even today everybody seems to be flaunting their overalls, scrunchies, and mom jeans these past two years as 80’s trends are becoming more and more popular. But why are the 80’s making such a big comeback?

    According to Vulture, the 80’s bring a sense of nostalgia, as it usually consists of bright colors, and fun prints, overall giving a sense of happiness. Another theory is that it can be a source of escapism, where you “escape” the mundane reality of the present.

    A more popular theory suggests that every decade seems to have a “30-year cycle.” Specifically, during the 80’s many movies such as Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing played on the idealized versions of the 50’s, which is exactly 30 years prior. This explains why now, in the 2010’s, we seem to enjoy the 80’s so much. This is due to the idea that filmakers and fashion designers like to focus on creating nostalgia for the consumers, as it forms an emotional connection and brings back childhood memories. Somehow even teens are enjoying 80’s trends even though they did even live during the decade, seemingly because of the facisnation of exploring a reality that is so unlike our own.

    Hannah Hui, a junior, said “I like the 80’s because of the music, and because it seems so laid back and fun.”

    Regardless, 80’s fashion has made a big impact on the modern world, as more and more people are seen wearing scrunchies, denim jackets, and hoops. Even stores such as Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville contribute to the 80’s trend by introducing more high-waisted jeans and crop tops. In addition, thrifting has also gained a lot of popularity, as a lot of people are flocking to the nearest Goodwill to achieve a perfectly “vintage” look.

   “I love 80’s style. Especially mom jeans and corduroy, because they are stylish and fun to wear,” said Paige Carter, a sophomore.

    The 80’s trends seem to not only take over the fashion world but also the film industry, with the success of TV shows such as Stranger Things and The Americans and the movie, IT, which take place during the 80’s.

    Stranger Things in particular has been extremely catalytic in propelling the popularity of the 80’s, with its promotion of a synth-pop soundtrack, sci-fi and ET refrences, and of course, Eggos. With 4.6 million people watching it, it makes sense how many are trying to recreate the “vintage” looks from their favorite TV show.

    Overall, the 80’s have made a big impact on media, fashion and music worldwide. With more people flaunting their velvet srunchies or turning up the radio to listen to Beat It by Michael Jackson, there is no denying that the 80’s have made a big comeback.  If the “30-year cycle” reigns true, then soon 90’s fashion will come into style, with low-waisted pants, butterfly clips and platform sandals. However until then, I think I’ll stick to my mom jeans.