Bye Bye, Big Bang Theory


Nicholas Whiteaker, Online Editor and Business Manager

One of television’s most renowned sitcoms goes out with a big bang after 12 successful seasons. The Big Bang Theory became a hallmark of  “nerd culture” and will be remembered for pronouncing the success of stars Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki.

    The overall success of the show is apparent; ranking in at a net worth of almost one million dollars per episode. Airing on both Fox and CBS news stations with over 12.6 million viewers watching the episodes daily. Making it a huge success as a sitcom.

    So this begs the question, why cancel a show that’s bringing in a profit? Well it’s because of Sheldon.

    Actor Jim Parsons has decided to leave after playing as Sheldon on the show for 12 years. This not only made himself a household name; but also paid him over 1 million dollars an episode.

    Sheldon is one of the main characters of the plot, acting as a sort of instigator to all the other characters; virtually creating new storylines for writers to develop off of. Other similar examples could be Dwight from The Office or Tom from Parks and Recreation. These characters are used as a form of ironic or coincidental comedic relief; which makes them some of the most well liked characters in sitcoms.

     Sheldon in particular grew to be an icon among many zealous fans of the show. His popularity grew to the extent where they made a different TV series focused solely on him. So a Big Bang Theory without Sheldon can simply “not be done.”

     “It had its golden age, but that’s over,” sophomore Jasper Pogue said. “It has been limping around for years and I’m glad it’s finally over.”

      Now a show definitely can still be produced, but without the character who virtually builds the plot through his infamous misadventures, it becomes harder for the creators to build a new storyline. Instead they would have to rely on spontaneous excursions of supporting characters, rearranging their already developed characteristics.

     While it is typical for people to move on to new opportunities that expand their profession; is it ethical to allow the weight of one cast members decision cost jobs to people who help produce, manage and advertise for the franchise? Employees who have devoted their time to the show are essentially getting laid off because of the decision of an individual who is not even a producer for the show.

      While Jim Parsons’ Sheldon can not be replaced, that still does not justify the cancelation of the entire series. Adjustments to the cast, scene and storyline can easily sustain the show in a manner similar to before.

      Although the loss of the sitcom is ultimately inevitable its spin-off Young Sheldon will continue to air. The show also is the longest running multi-camera comedy, surpassing Friends by two years.

     At least we can still hope that like its beginning, the nostalgic sitcom will finish its final season with a big bang.