Women’s Tennis balls out over new coach

Austin Jeha, Staff Writer

    A new coach is armed with racket and ready to take over the Monte Vista women’s tennis team.

    After former varsity coach, Patty Gross, stepped down from her position to take a year to travel, Mark Racioppo a former MV women’s JV tennis coach, has stepped up to the court.

    Racioppo was offered the position because of his previous 5 year experience as a junior varsity tennis coach.

    “It was mostly easy to adapt,” Racioppo said. “ I had a daughter play varsity for two years, but it was harder because I expected it to be easier.”

    Racioppo feels close to most of the players, having already known them.

    “For the ones I didn’t know… we are developing an understanding and learning to work through things together.” Racioppo said.

    Racioppo made small changes to the program that wasn’t difficult for the players to adapt to.

“The players are adjusting and coming together,” Racioppo said.

    Since Racioppo came in as the new coach, the team has won a total of 14 games and lost 3.

Racioppo explain that Monte Vista almost came in undefeated.

    “We almost went undefeated by a few points,” Racioppo said. “We lost twice to Dougherty Valley by a score of 5-4, and once to California high also by 5-4.”

    Racioppo also informed that if they get accepted, they will be competing in the NCS, or the North Coast Section, on Tuesday, Nov. 7.