Bryce Woodbury

NCS or Bust

Bryce Woodbury

Randall Dobkin, Staff Writer

    On June 2-3, Bryce Woodbury will finally put his talents to the test as he finally reaches the opportunity of a lifetime. Winning NCS pole vault. Bryce Woodbury a Junior with flowing slicked back hair, talked cheerfully and confidentially as he described why he will win NCS.

    “I hope to make NCS and win, and will do so effectively and well,” Bryce said. “I am a strong man, and can do it.”

    However, Bryce didn’t become amazing as Sergey Bubka (3 time world champion) overnight. Bryce has been apart of the track and field team since Freshman year and has been a devoted member of the exclsuive group of Monte Vista pole vaulters. While he may not have started out as the best pole vaulter he has steadily improved and is looking to take the next big step in his pole vaulting development. As Bryce talked about his pole vaulting journey, he recalled how he became so interested in pole vault and the daily rigors he endured to reach his goals.

    “My interest in pole vault came from my interest in running short distances and letting gravity do the rest,” Bryce remarked. “The classic routine before a vault is a 400 meter warm up run, followed by stretching for 20 minutes, and a quick drink of water-then it’s off to the runway.”

     On February 13th, pole vault season will start, and Bryce will head back to the track to achieve his dreams. Although, Bryce will not try to achieve such a monumental task by himself. As fellow teammate Severino Bertolero and personal friend John Atchinson both encourage Bryce and believe that he can achieve anything.  When I asked Severino what made Bryce so unique he exclaimed, “It’s his work ethic, it’s the best.”

    I asked John Atchinson why he believed Bryce could conquer NCS he ecstatically said that Bryce could achieve anything because,“he is the most athletic guy I know.”

     When June comes Bryce will finally be able to achieve his dreams. However, for now you can catch him at the track field watching him perfect his unique sport.