REVIEW-Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal

Trump’s Deal

REVIEW-Donald Trumps the Art of the Deal

Ian Walsh, Staff Writer

    When it comes to popular subjects of discussion, Donald Trump is at the top of the list, and there is one movie that captures him all.

    Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal is a short movie parody that seems to cover everything Trump. From the election, to his mishaps, and his seemingly large ego this movie talks about it all.

    Even though it is a short movie, I really enjoyed it. It kept me entertained with constant new jokes. For example, when he made a funny reference to one of his controversial incidents about his daughter. Overall though, there was not a lot of parts where I felt confused or uninterested.

    Also, I think the style was very well demonstrated. The idea was that Donald Trump himself had made this VHS tape a while ago and it had just been discovered. So, the movie was not in HD and instead had some color distortions. Although it was distracting at first, it added an effect of realness to it.

    The film, however, was not perfect at all. The biggest problem was that it felt very dry at times. He would sometimes say things that everyone has already heard. There were almost no parts that were actually serious, and the jokes were often not very funny. Many things were just out of context and might have actually been humorous if they had made sense with the rest of the scene.

    A big problem the movie also faced was offensiveness. Even for someone who does not usually get offended by jokes of an offensive nature, they took it too far sometimes. For example, he tells a kid to leave his office just because he is from Korea. However, it is implied that the movie makers did not actually mean this and were using it to satire Donald Trump, but it was often just too much.

    Another issue with the movie was it’s plot. It was supposed to be about Trump describing his best selling book to a kid and teaching him how to be a real businessman through hilarious stories. For example, at the beginning of the movie he tells the child about the time he got a small loan of a million dollars. It had a flashback and everything about how he survived his rough new life.

    The stories were indeed hilarious, but they were few and far apart. The film got constantly sidetracked and would often leave me wanting more. To a certain extent that was a good thing, but not to the point where I want to skip over certain points just to get back to the plot.

    Overall, it was not a bad movie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and got a good laugh out of it. No matter what political party you support, it is hard to not appreciate many of the jokes. Although I think there was a lot of room for improvement, I do not regret watching Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal.

    If you are ever bored, by yourself, and want a quick laugh consider giving this movie a try. Anybody who appreciates parodies would probably enjoy this film. There were quite a few adult/innapropriate jokes however, so it is not the best movie for a family outing. However, it would definitely be fun to laugh at with friends.

Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal:

Director: Jeremy Konner

Writer: Joe Randazzo

Stars: Johnny Depp

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 50 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Parody