REVIEW-Locanda Rovello

Locanda Rovello stole the Italian heart of Danville


Outside Locanda Ravello restaurant, with decor that allows Danville citizens to travel to the heart of Italy. (Courtesy of Remy Laflamme)

Remy LaFlamme, Staff Writer

    Locanda Rovello is a restaurant full of italiano, well, more like itali-yes.

    This authentic italian cuisine restaurant will have you begging to eat once to sit at your table. The owner of Locanda Rovello, Enzo Rosano, brought the cuisine from his home in Naples, Italy, bringing it to the heart of Danville. The restaurant cuisine was inspired by Rosano’s mother’s home style cooking during childhood and young adulthood.

    This restaurant serves the most authentic Italian that I’ve eaten in Danville. The varieties of meals are makes this restaurant special with their different flavors. The spaghetti carbonara tastes like I just entered a restaurant in Naples. With the fresh cheese and clean cut and homemade pasta noodles, it brings out all of the flavors of Italy. The diversity of flavors that they brought out in the Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina, is original. When the dishes first came out, you could see the warm mist evade the noodles and you’d smell it from ten feet away; the dishes made me anxious to dig in.

The treatment of Locanda Rovello never ceases to please me. They make sure you get seated in the perfect place and that you’re being served correctly. The waiters who aren’t serving anyone, walk around to see if anyone needs any help.  The quality of the restaurant is tied together with the respects of the waiters.

Locanda Rovello has true respect for the italian cuisine. The originality of the restaurant owners to bring the excellence of italian to the town of Danville.     

Address: 172 E Prospect Ave, Danville, CA 94526

Phone Number: (925) 984-2101