REVIEW-Blue Gingko


Entrance at Blue Gingko, a Japanese restaurant in the Blackhawk Plaza, with a chalkboard boasting the daily specials.

Niru Datta, Staff Writer

   Blue Gingko offers a taste into the Japanese cuisine right here in Danville, but not without hefty prices and small plates. However, at this unique restaurant, less is truly more.

   The restaurant takes up a rather large area in the Blackhawk Plaza, in order to accommodate the countless Danvillians who flock to the restaurant throughout the day. It offers a spacious indoor seating area, coupled with an outside area boasting a large bar, a plethora of tables, and an outside seating lounge, all bordered by a gorgeous pond.

    During my time at the restaurant, I saw that almost every table was full, contributing to vibrant and busy environment. Many families, couples, and friends gathered throughout the restaurant, and there was a large social atmosphere as a result.

    However, customers don’t just flock to the restaurant simply for it’s amazing ambiance and atmosphere, they mainly come to enjoy the delicious meals.

    The menu offers a variety of Japanese foods, including ramen, tartare, and katsu chicken. However, the restaurant is most recognized for the numerous types of sushi and sashimi that they offer, and for good reason.

    During my time at the restaurant, I ordered the red ginko, a sushi roll that the waiter claimed was very popular. The roll featured fresh tuna, avocado, and scallions, topped with crispy tempura and a spicy unagi sauce.

    After devouring the roll, I could understand the reason for it’s popularity, as it was clearly prepared with top quality ingredients and care, boasting a superb taste. After eating it, it left my taste buds more than satisfied, although I would not be able to say the same for my stomach, as I was still hungry afterwards.

    The order came with 8 rolls, and although they were extremely tasty, I questioned the value of the order, as after spending $18 for a meager 8 pieces, the meal still did not fill me up.

   However, this unsatisfactory size of my order did not ruin my experience at the restaurant, as this should often be expected when dealing with such finely prepared delicacies such as sushi.

    Overall, I still enjoyed my experience for the positive atmosphere at the restaurant and the mouthwatering flavor of the food, and would definitely return soon.