REVIEW-Cream: An ice cream sandwich lover’s dream

An ice cream sandwich heaven for All- including those who are vegan and gluten free.


Double chocolate chip cookies paired with the “chocoholic” ice cream for my cookie ice cream sandwich. (Courtesy of Robin Hyun)

Robin Hyun, Staff Writer

    Sometimes one type of dessert isn’t enough to crave your sweet tooth. Combining two types, however, can create a tasty concoction to satisfy your sugar cravings.

    One of the most famous dessert combinations is cookies and ice cream- together they can create a sweet sandwich that’s unexplainably satisfying.

    Over the weekend I went over to one of the most famous and urban  ice cream sandwich chains known in the Bay Area- Cream.

    To sum up Cream in a short description: it’s basically an ice cream sandwich lover’s dream. No one seems to step into the shop with a frown on their face. Instead, most customers tend to share a similar gleam of excitement on their features, eager to get their own customizable ice cream sandwich.

    Diets are thrown out the door the minute people walk in, unable to resist at least ordering a cookie, if not a sandwich.

    Kids are jittery and impatient to get their cookie sandwich dessert while parents are left with an inner-turmoil to get a bite of their kid’s cookie sandwich, or have their own scrumptious treat all to themselves.

    In the evening, Cream tends to be a hot spot for people of all ages to hang out at. However, the place is usually filled up with mostly teenagers and families.

    Stepping into Cream, the smell of freshly baked cookies and the sugary aroma of waffle cones instantly hits you, making your cravings for something sweet heighten.

    There’s a fairly decent variety of cookies and ice cream to choose from for everyone- including those who are vegan and gluten free.

    With quite a large variety of cookies and ice cream to choose from, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Thankful for a long line for once, I was able to come to the decision of what cookie and ice cream I wanted for my sandwich.

    I went with the double chocolate chip cookie and the “chocoholic” ice cream- going all out for my love for chocolate. (Although I didn’t get any toppings, it’s an option available to you. They put it on top of the ice cream part of your sandwich.)

    Unable to wait, I started eating it immediately.  Although it was chilly, and my fingers were becoming numb from the cold and the nipping wind, that didn’t stop me from devouring every last bite.

    The chewy homemade cookies with the cold, creamy chocolate ice cream complimented each other perfectly. For ten minutes I was in pure bliss- the richness of the chocolate ice cream sandwiched between the soft, chocolate oozing cookies left me wanting to eat a dozen more.

    However, I have to inform you that I was there right around rush hour, so my cookies came right out of the oven. Majority of the time, this is not the case, instead the cookies are not as soft and chewy and tend to be more on the crunchy side, so the cookies tend to vary. Although this lack of consistency might bother some people, this aspect actually pleases me because it really emphasizes that homemade feel to the ice cream sandwiches that I really like.

    Among all the store-bought ice cream cookie sandwiches I’ve had, they couldn’t even compare to Cream’s fresh homemade ones. Cream’s cookie ice cream sandwiches were the best one’s I’ve had yet, and if I could have one everyday, I would, if it didn’t affect my health from having the sugary goodness too often.

    Although I won’t be able to eat one of Cream’s delicious concoctions everyday, I’ve made it my mission that every time I’m in Walnut Creek, I’ll be stopping by to get myself an ice cream sandwich for dessert.

    Happily, I discovered that Cream not only served the classical ice cream cookie sandwiches it’s best known for, but also served other special ice cream sandwiches and desserts as well.

    The other special ice cream sandwiches they offer are waffle sandwiches, donut sandwiches, and brownie sandwiches. Besides that, they serve ice cream tacos, sundaes, milkshakes, malts, and floats. (As well as coffee drinks.)

    Cream’s cookie ice cream sandwich left a lasting impression on me, and I can’t wait to come back and try the other creative ice cream sandwiches they have to offer. I mean who wouldn’t? A brownie ice cream sandwich or even the donut ice cream sandwich?- Come on you can’t resist that. Plus their cookie ice cream sandwiches are fantastic, and I know I’ll be definitely coming back to Cream for another. Or a dozen. We’ll see.

Cream: An ice cream sandwich chain that originally started in Berkeley that quickly spread across the Bay Area, and now the world.

Location: (The one I went to) 1372 N Main St #101, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Prices: Ice cream sandwiches ($2.49-$5.49) Other desserts ($0.89-$5.99) Specialty Drinks ($4.99-$8.99)

Details: Open 7 days a week. Monday-Thursday (12PM-12AM), Friday (12pm-2AM), Saturday (11AM-2AM), Sunday (11AM-11PM)

Other: $1 off ice cream tacos on Tuesday, 20% off purchase on rainy days

Recommended dishes: cookie ice cream sandwich, waffle ice cream sandwich, and the cream taco