REVIEW-Almanac: new taste comes to Danville

New taste comes to Danville


Farmer’s Almanac opened July 8th. Already, this restaurant’s unique flavor is luring in costumers. (Courtesy of Paige Cattich)

Paige Cattich, Staff Writer

    Farmer’s Almanac, a new restaurant in downtown Danville, offers delicious food while always maintaining a positive, helpful atmosphere. When walking in, you immediately notice the faint scent of fresh seafood surrounding the two dining rooms and the bar.

    As the name hints, Almanac serves food similar to what the chef, Tim Humphrey, ate constantly on his grandfather’s farm while growing up in Florida. As a nice touch, farmhouse-style decorations fill the average-sized space.

    Almanac opened July 8th, and already this place seems well-loved. My Dad and I made reservations on a Wednesday night, and we noticed that while checking online, there were few tables available. Although reservations aren’t required, it is recommended that you make reservations through their website.

    I ordered the cod, which was a special dish that evening. The cod was very fresh and tasted wonderful, although I wasn’t a fan of the toppings that covered it. I’ve never liked complex toppings, however. The risotto that was presented underneath the fish complemented the fish, but was bland if eaten by itself.

    I also had a couple of bites of my Dad’s dish,  the shrimp pappardelle. We both agreed the shrimp was delightful, having a good mix of parmesan, garlic, and butter; however, only four medium-sized prawns were included. In addition, we requested lemons, and only two small wedges were brought out. Water was served automatically.

    The portions aren’t large; so if you have a big appetite, it’s a good idea to order an appetizer or a dessert. If you are dining here note that, soup, salad, and bread don’t automatically come with your entree.

    For dessert, I tried the brown butter and pecan brownie, which was rich in flavor. At times, the sweetness of the dessert was overbearing; nevertheless, I would still eat the dessert again. My father had Val’s Upside Down Key Lime Pie and didn’t have a complaint about it.

   Most of the food served is low in carbohydrates. There are multiple healthy options to choose from, even for vegetarians. A children’s menu is available, while there are several positive options for adults as well.

    Although on the main menu the wine selection is average, there is a recommended drink for each dish, as well as a bar. The waiters and waitresses are always willing to suggest what to eat too.

    Main entrees range from $19-$28, and customers are dressed business casual. I recommend eating at this restaurant, which provides customers with outstanding service and quality food.

Restaurant Name: Almanac

Address: 500 Hartz Ave, Danville, CA 94526

Phone number: (925) 362-3665


Starters: $7-$18

Entrees $19-$28

Desserts: $8

Details: Mon-Wed 11:30 am – 11 pm

Thurs and Fri 11-30 am – 1 am

Sat – 10 am – 1 am

Sun 10 am – 11 pm

Recommended Dishes: Devilled eggs, Halibut, Shrimp, Key Lime Pie