Michael Rhee and Ian Walsh

In just a couple months, spring will be in the air….and you know what that means. Love.

    Valentine’s Day, flower bouquets, chocolate candies, and dangerous levels of teenage angst giving way to powerful surges of young love. However, with this tidal wave of affection comes the discomforting phenomenon known as PDA.

    PDA stands for Public Displays of Affection, and covers a variety of intimate actions. From holding hands, to hugging, and even kissing, PDA is not uncommon at Monte Vista. Many couples indulge in these activities on a daily basis.

    When someone mentions PDA, it can be assumed that they are talking about people in a relationship. However, friends do it just as much. Almost everyone has received a hug. This is technically displaying affection.

    Someone couples refuse to publicly announce their relationships with all this physical contact. Others, however, can be found roaming the halls holding hands, or sitting in a corner kissing.

    A friend may hug a friend and not think about how that friend feels about it. The other friend may be extremely uncomfortable, or maybe a nice friends hug is what they needed. It’s just hard to tell sometimes.

    The question is, is PDA okay?

    Monte Vista sophomore, Jade Rice, feels that the “acceptability” of PDA should not be determined by the community, but the people engaging in it.

    “I think people should be able to do what they want, but understand the consequences if someone sees them and is uncomfortable,” Rice said. “ It’s not their problem, and it’s not the other person’s problem. But, that person might react in a certain way, or it might make someone feel a certain way that they don’t want to.”

    Being mindful of other people is always important when you’re in public, especially if it’s about something that can cause someone to feel uncomfortable. Even if you really want to, if you think it even has a slight chance of weirding someone out, just don’t do it.

    “I don’t think there should be any rules about it,” said Rice. “I think it should be a common sense thing.”

    Sophomore Ashley Lu feels the same way. Although she is currently in a relationship, she agrees that moderation is best.

    “I’m not necessarily against PDA at Monte Vista,” said Lu. “It’s just, if it’s going to make people extremely uncomfortable, keep it somewhere else. It’s nice to be able to be affectionate with your partner in public, but as long as it doesn’t go to extremes.”

    So, to answer the question you’ve been waiting for this whole article to answer….Yes, PDA is okay, for the most part. As far as PDA in relationships goes, it’s very much up to the couple to decide if they are okay doing things in public. However, it’s important to keep other people’s feelings in mind. As long as it doesn’t become obstructive, extremely distracting or too uncomfortable for the people around them, they can do what they wish. So when spring finally rolls around, get out there and enjoy yourselves!