Haunted House

Ian Walsh, Staff writer

    It’s almost Halloween, and the Monte Vista Haunted House is coming once again.

    The Monte Vista theatre department and Leadership will be putting on the 2nd annual Haunted House October 27, 28, and 29. With more than twice the volunteers and time than last year, and due to a well-received performance last year, the expectations are high.

    Actors, Designers, makeup artists, and managers are expected to help out often with about 6 work-days a week until the premier in late October. Monte Vista Senior, Sophie Tuell, is one of the head managers of the program.

    “It’s a large commitment,” Tuell said. “You have to really enjoy what you’re doing to be able to put in all this time and effort to get it done.”

    Although not everybody will go to every planning meeting, the drama department was bombarded with over one-hundred papers requesting to help in the haunted house. A variety of students, each with different interests can be found helping in some way. Whether it be creating an entire room, designing a costume, or scaring people the day of, anyone can help. Monte Vista’s drama teacher, Chris Connor, organizes all this and makes sure everything thing runs smoothly.

     “I ultimately oversee everything,” he said. “So every aspect of it from to design to build to actors to hair and makeup and everything”

     Connor has made sure that the little wrongdoings of last year will go perfectly this year. In the first year of the Haunted House, one of the biggest problems was time. With only about 80 people working with a very short amount of time to complete the project, therefore feeling very rushed. This year, however, there are over 30 workdays ranging anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

    The one thing that everyone working on the Haunted House can seem to agree on is that it will be scarier and even better than before. This year, there will also be an exciting theme and storyline so that visitors can really feel like they’re being haunted.

    “We want to create more of a story that takes you through the haunted house, so that you know what happened to make this place haunted and how that affects your journey through it,” said Tuell.