Duck tales

Bailey Ferguson, Senior Staff Writer

Why did the ducks cross the road?

    A group of ducks has recently been spotted all over campus, rather than deciding to live permanently at Oak Hill Park as most of the fowl do their entire lives.

    Lovingly referred to as “the Couple Ducks” (as one always appears to be male and the other female when seen), the two have garnered a lot of attention from the student body.

    Senior Arjun Mehta says he has noticed the creatures increasing in popularity in the last few weeks.

    “I have seen pictures on Twitter a lot as well,” Arjun said. “I didn’t take any pictures, but I have noticed them a few times in the school.”

    With a variety of wild birds not that far away in Oak Hill Park, it is somewhat odd that the ducks would decide to take up residence on campus.

    Marine Biology teacher Meghan Faerber believes the birds could be here because of an abundant food source.

    “Migratory ducks like these would usually stay in a group because they are social birds,” Faerber said. “However, it’s very possible that they have chosen to stay at Monte Vista because of all of the food left behind by the students; food they should not be trying to digest.”

    With these creatures being so close to humans more than normal, what kind of risk could the students be facing?

    Faerber says it is possible that with all of the food that may be available to them, more ducks may choose to reside on campus in the future.

    “It may be already happening,” she said. “I mean, are we certain it is only two ducks? If they decide to follow the food, more and more birds may start living here.”

    She also stated that the best way to prevent more potential hazards for the ducks is to clean up your trash after you are done with your food.

    “The bottom line is that these birds shouldn’t be eating the food we eat,” Faerber said. “We need to realize that these are wild animals that deserve to remain wild.”