Steph Curry? Is that you?


Katie Kim, Staff Writer

    This past November, reigning NBA MVP and Warriors’ star Steph Curry purchased a house in Walnut Creek for $3.2 million, creating quite a bit of buzz among the local crowd.

    Don’t try to hide it, we’ve all looked up their house address to see if there’s a chance that we might be actual neighbors. However our dreams died fast as we realized that going over to their house for a Super Bowl party wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

    Yet with the Curry family as our new neighbors, the chances of running into the Warrior’s player himself, his wife Ayesha, or maybe even the adorable Riley, around town have increased greatly, and it’s already started happening to some of our very own Monte Vista students and staff.

    Few students have shared their stories of running into Ayesha Curry while she was out shopping for groceries and other necessities.

    “While checking out in Whole Foods I saw a woman that looked exactly like Ayesha Curry,” Rovner said. “I told my mom I was going to walk over there to look, and low and behold it was her.”

    Ayesha is just like any other mother and wife, so when she’s not cooking up something good or taking care of her family, she does what everybody else does.

    “Ayesha is so humble and down to earth from how she dressed super casual and not all ‘done up’ to just go grocery shopping,” Rovner said.

    Ayesha Curry has also been spotted in Target shopping around. Senior, Alex Ghafouri was lucky enough to get a picture with her before she left the store.

    “Well my brother and I were walking around Target and my brother saw her and he calmly tried to point her out,” Ghafouri said.

     “We asked for some pictures,” Ghafouri said. “I went for the selfie route and got a snazzy photo with Ayesha.”

    English teacher, Ms. Little spotted Mrs. Curry in the Walnut Creek Target as well.

    As much as well all want to claim the Currys are our new neighbors, former Monte Vista AVID teacher Nicole Main can actually claim this as she can see his house from her back balcony.

    Steph Curry hasn’t been seen as much as his wife has. Which is expected since he spends his time training with the team and traveling across the country.