Vanderbilt Melodores


Jas Gill, Social Media Editor

On October 14, the Vanderbilt Melodores, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, let their voices ring in the theatre here at Monte Vista.

    The Melodores are an a cappella group who won season 5 of The Sing-Off, a show where a cappella groups compete for a recording deal.

    They sing songs from all types of genres, recently diving into electronic music. Their group currently consists of fourteen members, one of whom is a Danville native. Justin Riele, who attended San Ramon Valley High School, is a junior at Vanderbilt University and serves as president of The Melodores.

    “I have always thought it would be great to go back to Danville and perform for the local high schools,” Riele said. “Performing at MV was surreal. We were thrilled to have had a sold out show. You could really tell that the students appreciated that we were there, and the lines for photos and autographs after the show really made us happy that we could share our talents.”

    Junior, Alex Eikel was one of the many students who attended the concert.

    “It was so amazing to be able to sit in the crowd and watch them perform,” Eikel said. “It was totally crazy, and they were all super nice. I’m really glad I went to see them.”

    At the concert Monte Vista’s own vocalists performed first followed by The Melodores who sang their own set, leaving people in the audience begging for melo-more.

    Jane Oliver, a senior who is also in Choir Council, worked along with the other council members to bring The Melodores here. She is also in one of MV’s own a cappella groups.

    “I’m really excited we even convinced them to come to our school,” Oliver said. “We were talking about it for a while, but it’s hard to believe it’s actually happened.”

    The group was formed in 2009 by four students. The Melodores usually consists of 11-15 people and has yearly auditions. The group has created two albums, one of which came out earlier this year.

    “We were received with open arms at the school and felt like celebrities when we were performing there!” Riele said. “I can’t count the number of students who thanked us for performing at MVHS, and it is always a great feeling as a performer to know that your fans appreciate you. It was definitely the best high school show The Melodores have ever had the pleasure at performing at.”