Live Fridays

Lauren Wenger, Staff Writer

Starting on Friday, October 9th, Live Fridays gave student’s musical talents a chance to shine.

     Live Fridays allow students to perform in front of more people in the amphitheatre at lunch, and gain recognition.

       Administration has the same outlook on Live Fridays. The principal here at Monte Vista, Dr. Ahern, sees them as a way for different types of students to get recognition and to make Friday lunches more enjoyable.

    “It gives our student body an opportunity to see a less visible side of our school,” said Dr. Ahern.  

    Sign-ups for Live Fridays are posted outside room 209.  The sign-ups originally had six groups, but most dropped ended up either taking their name off the list or not showing up to play. Senior Jessica Heimann is one of the few who did not drop out and showed up for her performance on Friday.

     Heimann plays a variety of instruments and sings, but for Live Friday, she chose to play the guitar while  singing. She performed a total of six songs that included covers like Shawn Mendes’ Stitches and original works.      

    Freshmen Paige Lyles and Noam Franbuch also participated in the event, Paige singing and Noam on the guitar. They did a cover of “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran.  

   Live Fridays have been met with excitement by the student body. Students are looking forward to this new source of entertainment.  

    “I like how students can show their talents and have fun,” said Senior, Connor Kennedy.

     After a positive reaction from a live band performance, the Monte Vista Leadership team came up with the idea to make it into a regular event in order to give students who are musically gifted a chance to get recognition.

    “It’s a new gateway for kids to showcase their talent,” Senior Paige Brause said, the leadership student in charge of organizing Live Fridays.

          However, the crowd at the first Live Friday was small because most of the people who sit in the amphitheater are seniors. The seniors had a lip sync meeting which many of the students were at the time.