Coffee: to sell or not to sell

Anya Nutakki, Staff Writer

Power Drinks. Soda. Apple Juice. Hot Chocolate. All of these drinks are sold here at Monte Vista. The one drink that is missing from this list is coffee. Why isn’t it sold at school?

Coffee should be sold at school because it will benefit our students in many ways. First off, it will make them feel more awake. Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant, and will increase alertness and help people stay awake.

“Coffee definitely should be sold at school,” Junior Kyle Pedretti said. “If I didn’t bring coffee to school every day, I’d be asleep in almost every single class.”

According to researchers at Seoul National University, those who were exposed to coffee experienced less stress. Coffee can also boost your mood.

Though there are many people that claim that coffee is the worst drink out there, this is not the case. The power drinks sold at school are just as bad as coffee. Though they might not have as much caffeine, they have sugar and other ingredients that can harm the body.

“Nothing here at Monte Vista says we can’t sell coffee,” Principal Kevin Ahern said. “In the last school I was in, they sold coffee.”

“Black coffee was the top seller,” Ahern said.

Many MV students would love something that would make school a little bit less miserable and a lot more fun. Many of them show up at school with a coffee cup in hand, so why not offer a selection here at Monte Vista. Not only students, but teachers, would be happier as well.

“Students at Monte Vista need something like coffee to get them going,” faculty member Claytor-Johnson said.

We have all heard the phrase “caffeine kills,” and the stories about how caffeine can cause insomnia and indigestion. However, if you look at the bigger picture and all the benefits that coffee poses, it is clear that the benefits outweigh the harms.

As we all know, this coffee wouldn’t be free. If Monte Vista were to sell coffee at school what would be the price?

“I would pay $3 for plain coffee with cream and sugar and $6 for a latte,” Pedretti said.

The money generated from the coffee could also be put to good use. By selling coffee, this could be a way to raise more money for some of the great programs we have here at Monte Vista.

Selling coffee at Monte Vista would truly change the lives at MV students. Let’s make MV a happier place one cup of coffee at a time.