MV cat colony


Chris Polo, Staff Writer

On the edge of the Monte Vista campus, the cats live with an unknown person feeding them.

In between Oak Hill Park and the Monte Vista tennis courts there are feral cats. There have been multiple ones spotted there. The interesting part of this story is the fact that an unknown person has been leaving food and water for the cats daily.

There are multiple plastic food bowls in the area that hold food or water in them. Some are by the fence or inside the fence. The cats have been active in this area.


There have been two confirmed cats spotted in this area. One is all black and the other is black and white. Multiple students have have conflicting opinions about this situation.

A number of students have said things like “ I’m pretty sure I saw at least three” or “I saw one black one the other day.” There still lies a question of how many cats are living in or near the campus. When vice principal Ms. Pagano was asked about these cats she had no knowledge of them.

The cats that have been spotted up close are not aggressive. People have gotten up close to them and they just run away. Normally the cats hide under one of the giant containers inside the fences when spotted.

The area they occupy is not a very relevant location on the campus. It is right next to the dumpsters and where old dirty equipment lies. This little home for these cats looks like a mini wasteland that is just full of bushes, trash and completely worn out tennis balls laying around.

Who would go out of their way to constantly take care of these cats in this unappealing area? Does this person have any idea of who these cats belong to? Is this person associated with Monte Vista in any way?

These many questions have yet to be answered. Though there are still many questions, the search for their answers will continue.